Whether to obtain a residence permit or to make a profitable investment...
 Greece opens you a wonderful door...

Maybe you’re looking for an alternative place to live. Maybe, you’re seeking for a good investment opportunity. Is it possible to put these two subjects which seem irrelevant together? It is possible in Greece. 


Some of us are not as satisfied from the place we’re living at as before and wish to change our lives. On the other hand, some of us find the current conditions reasonable but cannot estimate how it shall be in the future. As a matter of fact, if you’re visiting this website, you’re searching an alternative life which shall give excitement. 


Why shouldn’t you make a successful investment at the same time? While obtaining a residence permit in Europe, why shouldn’t you gain money at the same time? 


This is only one of the features making Greece unique. It grants residence permit with an investment much more reasonable than the other European Union countries. Moreover, due to the economic conditions in the country there are great opportunities in real estate market.   


If you say “for now I want to make an investment, I’ll have my money appreciated while I have my residence permit in my pocket and make tours to all Schengen Europe free of visa, our objective is meeting you with opportunities with rental guaranty which shall return your investment on Euro basis within 12-15 years. While the real estate you purchase self-finances itself, it shall also increase in value in parallel with the economic development of the country.

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To be brief, along with a profitable investment, you’ll have the chance for EU Schengen tours for indefinite times with your family, you’ll have a residence permit in a warm and colorful European country. Moreover, when you want to live in Greece in the future as we have done, you’ll be at a point that you may only purchase your flight ticket and come.

If you say ''We want to move now'', we’ll show you the investment alternatives which are most appropriate for you and show you places until you meet the opportunity you’re dreaming for. Until the place makes you happy. You may purchase the house you’ll live as well as preferring the rental income guaranteed program. 

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  Sedat Görkem, 39 

“Unfortunately, we had lost peace recently in Turkey. So many things have changed since we’ve moved to Athens. Now my wife and daughters are very happy. Our family elders are in Istanbul and we have the comfort to meet them after a one-hour flight. They’re also seriously thinking to move here.”

  Meltem Seyhanlı, 36  

“We’re living in Athens for 2 years. My husband is working in Istanbul on week days, he joins us in weekends. My daughter’s accent in English is the same as any English person. All her friends are from different countries. While having a good education she’s also growing as a happy child.”

  Ömer Karadağ, 44  

“I have settled all my procedures with Sirtakinvest easily. We had quite a profitable investment along with our residence permit. We’re going on visa-free trips in Europe. We’re planning to move to Athens in the future.”