We are families in our forties who have lived in Turkey for years, who are well educated and worked at good businesses in our country. We are the families who have decided to live in western culture for a better future for our children. 


To relieve this transformation for families which we have common worries and common expectations, we have established this organization with our reliable Greek friends. Our main objective in fact is to live a happy life integrated with Greek public but with our own Turkish community. While living this life, our children should also grow in a western education system.


Whether for investment or for a new life by moving, we’re waiting for your questions

Ela Aydoğan Keskineğe

Ela, born in 1972, has studied Marketing Management at Richmond College in London after graduating from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Chemistry. 


After an 18-year Management experience in the years between 1995 -2012 at ISS Tesis Yönetimi/Facility Management Company which she was the founder partner of, she has worked at JLL Turkey office – Business Development Consultancy – and performed investment consultancy to international investment funds in Turkey.  


Ela Aydoğan Keskineğe is living in Athens since 2014 with his wife Aytaç, daughter Deniz and son Evren.

Cüneyd Yüzak

Cüneyd, born in 1972, in Istanbul is graduated from Austrian High School and Marmara University and completed business administration education in London.


After working in leader companies of FMCG sector in Turkey as a manager for years, he has established Inchanta company with his wife Gamze and has carried out export to western European countries.


Yüzak family who decided to move to Greece in 2015 is now living in Athens with their son Arda.