Residence Permit 
We provide the residence permit for you. When you make an investment of 250,000 Euro or over, (Real Estate purchase or other direct investments) we get your residence permit to all members including you, your spouse, your children and your parents.  By this permission, you may travel all Schengen countries visa-free. 
 Attorney Service 
We follow all your procedures on behalf of you. We investigate to determine whether the real estate you’ll purchase is free of all incumbrances. We prevent opportunist sellers to make overcharge sales to you.
 School for Your Children    
We enroll your children to international schools. We present preliminary information about American, English, German, French schools to you. We visit the schools you shall choose and enroll your children to the most appropriate schools. Within 6 months or 1 year, you’ll see your children speaking the education language of the schools they go as their native language.