Primarily, Greece is in the position of a European Union country having the lowest cost residence permit. By the Golden Visa you’ll obtain, you’ll be able to visit all Schengen countries visa-free and also obtain a residence permit in Greece. 


If your intention is also making an investment, there are wonderful opportunities here. By the rental guaranteed places Sirtakinvest shall propose you, you’ll both obtain your residence permit and get back your real estate investment you’ve made on Euro basis within 12-15 years. Besides exceptions, this opportunity is not available at any place. Extra values the real estate purchased in affordable prices shall bring are the cherries on top. As you’ll have your residence permit in your pocket, you may move any time you wish when you change your mind.  


If your aim is establishing a new life, moving abroad is an important decision.  Many questions pass through our minds. What shall I do to make money at the place I move?  How shall I set my life? Where shall I have my children study?  My parents are getting older, how shall I go away from them? Shall I break up with my friends? And such other issues. 


It’s exactly a heaven for children. Primarily, by full time English, American, German, and French schools all your children’s mother tongues are the languages of the schools they study. For example, if your child is going to an English school, he/she becomes an individual speaking English with English accent within one-two years. Each of them are busy with sports or an instrument and they have an international environment as they study with Expat children coming from all over the World. They grow up while learning different cultures. They are in an "international student" status and accordingly, they are easily accepted to schools. Even if their level of English is very low, they teach English quickly by extra lessons. (Greek is also taught to elementary school students. Greek is generally an elective course after secondary school.) 


Economic conditions in Greece is also a golden opportunity for Turkish citizens. You shall not believe how affordable house and car you may purchase. Food & beverage and entertainment costs are quite convenient. 


There are wonderful beaches even in Athens. The sea is very clean. You may reach to very clean coasts in close-distances by car. It’s very easy to reach the islands. Athens citizens fill the beaches every weekend as from the beginning of May.