1. What type of investment should be made to obtain residence permit?

You should make a direct investment of 250,000 Euro or over. This may be a house you shall live in or a real estate you’ll lease or a hotel you’ll buy and manage on the main land or even on an island. Our lawyers experienced on this subject shall help you.

2. I’m planning to obtain residence permit by purchasing real estate. How shall I decide on the place I’ll purchase?

This subject is very open to exploitation. Those who sell their real estate push up the values for purchasers from abroad. For instance, they pull up a real estate with a value of 100-150 thousand euros to 250,000 and make it convenient for residence permit. Although it is possible to obtain a residence permit in this way, a very high value is paid unnecessarily. Although prices have dropped in Greece due to crisis, we search alternative places on behalf of you and create a portfolio over real market values.

3. How long do all procedures last?

After you decide on the property you shall purchase and complete the purchasing process, we obtain permanent residence permit for all members of the family approximately within 10 working days. 

4. For whom can I obtain residence permit?

The person who performs the necessary investment may provide residence permit for himself/herself, his/her spouse, his/her children at 21 or younger, his/her parents and his/her parents in law. The Investment may be made 50%-50% between spouses.    (This is an opportunity given only to spouses, siblings or friends cannot purchase jointly, even if they purchase, condition of 250,000 and over is required for each.)

5. How long is the duration of the residence permit?

By making an investment you obtain a five-year residence permit. Your residence permit is renewed in every five years. In fact, your investment means a life time residence permit as long as you don’t sell it. Even if the conditions change in the future, (increase in minimum investment amount, ending the application, etc.) this does not affect you. Your vested interest is state guaranteed as long as you don’t leave. 

6. Do I need to obtain visa for other European countries?

You may travel as much as you want at all Schengen countries without getting visa. You don’t need to obtain a visa. However, you need to obtain visa for countries as the United Kingdom which are not Schengen countries. 


7. How shall we solve our children’s education subject?

This may be the most important subject. We’ll explain you in detail at our face-to-face meetings however, to explain more precisely, whatever their ages are, we enroll your children to foreign schools here. There are English, American, German and French schools available here. All lessons are in the native language of the school. For example, all lessons are in English at English schools. According to Greek laws, there is also Greek lesson for everyone at elementary school level. Starting from the secondary school, Greek is in the state of elective course. Your children speak English as their mother tongue within 1-2 years. We’re sure that you’ll listen excitedly to the stories of Turkish families who have lived these experiences. As there are usually expat children studying at these international schools, your children have friends from all over the World. The schools offer guidance service on University subject. They take education at European standards without passing through processes as TEOG (Transition from Primary To Secondary Education). You may get the detailed information at our face-to-face meetings. 


8. Is my residence permit cancelled if I never be in Greece?

No, it is not cancelled. Whether you move to Greece or do not go at all, your residence permit is yours as long as you don’t sell your investment. 

9. I’m thinking it only for investment now. Can you help me on this subject?

In this case, we’ll meet you with the investments which shall provide the best return in accordance with your budget. If the amount of investment is over 250,000 Euro, we also carry out obtaining residence permit procedures. You may use your residence permit as Schengen visa and be exempted from departure fee when leaving Turkey. 

10. Does Sirtakinvest manage all these processes on behalf of me?

We follow all these services on behalf of you and inform you about all developments. Whether you think for investment purpose or as a settlement, we finalize all processes without tiring you. Please contact us for details. 

11. Are there samples for investment in your website? 

Investment options vary from person to person because expectations of each family are different from the others. Instead of adapting you to the portfolios, we’re offering you the portfolio meeting your needs. After determining your need accurately, we’ll be offering you the most appropriate options. 


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